IMC Ísland, Roaming Solutions.

Keeping you connected worldwide.



IMC Ísland offers a total roaming solution for companies seeking to stay connected worldwide. With roaming agreements in over 180 countries with more than 380 operators, IMC Ísland is able to leverage and tailor-fit our roaming solutions to your needs.

We here at IMC are a dynamic team, working on various solutions and configurations at any given time. Feel free to reach out to us if needed to inquiry further about our business and projects.

Magnús Viðar Skúlason - General Manager

Guðjón Þorsteinsson- Senior Software Engineer

Þórður Vilmundarson - Software Engineer and SIM-specialist

Chris Izzard - Head of Roaming and Business Development

Árni Ásgeirsson- Senior Technical Roaming Specialist


IMC Ísland was awarded a telecommunication license from the Post and Telecommunication Authority in Iceland in the year 2000.


Our global roaming reach offers premium mobile services to our customers worldwide.


IMC Ísland is fully equipped to meet our customer needs in regards to roaming and telecommunication solutions.

Technical implementation

The technical team within IMC Ísland has extensive experience in making solution for various projects and can easily adjust to changes requested by our customers. Our flexibility is matched only by our impressive roaming footprint worldwide.


Our state of the art billing platform can deliver near real time billing information to customers instantly for further processing.


On top of all the components that IMC Ísland has is a robust CRM-system, developed in house at IMC Ísland.

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